Eugene and Olympia Nicolcev have worked together on prestigious art projects across Europe and North America for over 30 years.
Eugene juxtaposes the Canadian natural and artificial environments to portray a conflict between organic landscapes and sterile, perfected human creations. Building on the foundation of his classical education and using his extensive knowledge of leading-edge technology, Eugene creates works in a post-modern style that fuse the accuracy of photography with the expressionism of painting. The goal of his art is to “free people from their preconceived notions about art”. He explains that he doesn’t want to paint like the artists who have come before because in his words, “it has already been done.”



Olympia, who labels herself “unconventional”, takes her inspiration from the way the laws of science apply to every aspect of nature, from the geometry of flowers to the startling contrast of colours in the natural world. Unlike Eugene’s digital approach she creates a more organic, textural art by incorporating natural elements such as reeds, paper, rocks and sand. During her travels she picks up objects that can be incorporated into her next project. But Olympia also likes to break her own rules as she did during her “cubist period” in which she painted thousands of cubes to float on clear plexiglass or glue on aluminum to create the skyline of a big city. She has said about her life as an artist, “Art is my structure and I’ve never been separated from it, whatever form it takes.”

The following videos are from past solo exhibitions